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Leica Lino L6

Leica Lino L6

360° laser line projection for multi-directional alignment – perfect for large and bright environments. The laser’s vertical lines are easily adjusted once the plumb point (cross-section of two vertical lines), which is located outside the device, is set.

The vertical laser lines projected to walls and ceilings are easily adjusted once the plumb point is set. The integrated base of this line laser allows you to position the cross-section (plumb point) of the two vertical laser lines where it is required and you then can adjust the position of these lines by ± 10° while keeping the position of the plumb point.

The triple power concept assures an uninterrupted workflow of any layout tasks. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries last for up to 11 hours of continuous operation. To further increase the operating time, the laser line strength is adjustable (100/75/50 percent) which has the added benefit of thinner laser lines. Alternatively, Alkaline batteries or a charger can be used.

Green laser lines achieve a working range of up to 70 meters / 230 feet in diameter, making it perfect for larger rooms and bright environments. The maximum operating distance can be extended up to 140 meters / 460 feet by using the RGR200 laser receiver.

A shock absorbent design, plus spray water and dust protection (IP54) make this green multi-line laser fit for any construction site.

Precision adjustment handles, and the laser’s eccentric base allow the laser lines to rotate by ± 10° around the plumb point while the line laser keeps its position; allowing for quick and precise setup for any alignment, plumbing, leveling, or squaring tasks.

The Lino L6G is easily attached to a variety of surfaces. The magnetic adapters fit into U-profiles and with the addition of the UAL 130 adapter this green multi-line laser is easily attached to edges, metal poles, and bars. This is ideal for suspended ceiling installations, transferring reference heights or complex drywall installations in large rooms.

You can individually select each green 360° laser line to be turned on or off when the device starts up; meaning your laser line settings and their intensity are saved on the device and it is ready to use when it's turned on.

The Lino L6G is a self-leveling multi-line laser. It automatically adjusts its positioning up to ± 4° when it is slightly out of level without any manual alignment.

Available in red or green.

Accessories included: UAL130, Rechargeable Battery Tray, Alkaline Battery Tray, Plastic Protective Case, Green Target, Battery Charger, and Twist 250 Magnetic Adapter
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